“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” – Dr. Suess

Friday, April 17, 2009

My Top Ten Literary Heroes

10. John Thornton from North and South

9. Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice ( I couldn't deiced which Mr. Darcy I liked best)

8. Roger Hamley from Wives and Daughters

7. Faramir from The Lord of the Rings

6. Allan Woodcourt from Bleak House

5. Johannes from I am David

4. Mr Kinghtly from Emma

3. Samwise Gamgee from The Lord of the Rings

2. Colonel Brandon from Sense and Sensibility

1. Walter Blythe from the Anne of Green Gables Series

Well, there you have it. Sorry I haven't written anything about the fellows on the list but I really don't know what to put.


Theresa said...

Aww, Walter Blythe...

Good list you've got there!
We should have a bit North and South party sometime ay! You could bring your amazing dresses and we could drink tea while we watch it [on the big screen]... yeah.

Jono said...

I'd forgotten about Johannes! That scene in the movie, about the soap, even though it isn't in the book, it has got to be one of my absolute favourite film scenes of all time.

The Editrix said...

I always cry so much when Walter dies! I don't think I've ever cried so much over a book. :-(

I Am David - I've read the book, haven't seen the movie. What's the movie like?

Livi said...

Theresa - We should do that!

Elise - The movie is good but quite different from the book, still well worth watching though.

Anonymous said...

I really agree with you on Faramir, Samwise, Mr. Knightly, and Mr. Darcy!!
Some of the others I haven't heard about.
I wish you had a followers gadget! :)

Nath moore said...

so is that goingfrom top to bottom? like is walter blythe the best and john thornton the worst? or the other way round lol...i dunno aye

Livi said...

Nathan, I'm not sure if it is in any real order, but Walter Blythe is at no.1.