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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Here are a few dresses I made a while ago but have not put photos of on here yet.

My friend and I made this dress a while back. It is inspired by Jane Bennet's pink ball gown from P&P05.

Sorry there are no photos of the front of it, oops!

This one I made for myself copied from Margaret Hale's traveling dress from 'North and South'.


Jo March said...

Lovely! I really like the second one! Did you already have a hoop, or did you buy one? I'm thinking about maybe getting for costume purposes.

What fabrics did you use for both of them?

LadyBug-Laurie said...

Your work is simply exquisite! The dress patterned after Margaret Hale's is too lovely for words! I love the buttons and the tiny details. The fabrics on both dresses are perfect!
Your hair also is dressed in a very pretty fashion. Thanks for sharing! :)

Joanna said...

Very nice! I love seeing homemade costumes!

Livi said...

Thanks everyone!

Jo - I made a hoop about two years ago when I was making a ball gown that needed a hoop.

Laurie - I actually got my friend to model the dresses for me. =)

kittikat said...

Those dresses are so pretty! I love all the costumes from all the Jane Austen movies I've seen.

nzkiwigirl said...

Hi there! Love the blog. Amazing dresses too. Did you make them?? Do you live in the North or South Island in NZ? I used to live in Christchurch but we've recently moved and I miss it so much! But seeing someone from NZ with a blog is pretty cool.
Check out my blog: www.jjyourstruly.blogspot.com
God bless


Lorryn Belle LaDean said...

I would love to know what pattern you used for the Hale traveling gown. I've been wanting to make that particular gown from North and South for Dickens!!